Primark Summer Haul

Hey everyone! How are you all? Today I finally found myself excited for my Disney world holiday after heading out to do some shopping in the one and only primark.

I originally had set out to pick myself up some bandeau Jersey dresses (you know to keep them tan lines as minimal as poss) but ended up coming home with NONE. They literally didn’t have one in the store!

What i did find though suprised me! I ended up buying quite a few pairs of shorts at an eye-watering price of around £4.00 a pair! Yes. You read correctly.



hat I love most about these are the material, they are super soft, super comfy and super flattering. That’ll do me. They went straight in the basket!

Iv also been keeping my eye out for a comfortable pair of high waisted denim shorts that don’t show off too much of the old bum cheeks and that don’t cut my mid riff in half when I sit down. Queue these beauts.

These were only £10.oo and literally go with every single top I own. Summer staple right thurrrrr.

Then across the room my eyes met with the prettiest little summer dress I think I have ever seen (in primark anyway). Baby blue, pin stripes, buttons and spaghetti straps. Winner!

I fell in LOVE with this little number straight away and was made up when I looked at the price. £13.00, like serious though.

Iv already bought a few pair of sandals but had been looking for a nice pair of sliders and came across these little cuties for £6.00. What a bargain!

The bows are material and gave little tiny sequins sewn on. Just pretty AF.

Now now, don’t get jealous of my little blue cut off sweater. I know it’s not strictly summer wear but I need something cozy and comfy for the plane ride. This feels much better quality than it should for £5.00 and looks fabulous on. Although I won’t be putting it in the tumble dryer anytime soon. This looks like it has shrinkage all over it.

As does this.

How cute. I think this was £6.00, and to be honest for the price if it did shrink in the wash i wouldn’t cry over it.

This little bargain was only £2.50! How ridiculous! You can’t buy a Starbucks vanilla latte for that price.


Nails, well they are the bain of my whole life. We can’t wear polish or anything at all on our nails in work. So I thought about getting them done whilst I was off for two weeks, then I changed my mind again. I’m sorry but I’m not paying for someone to make my nails look fabulous only for them to have to take them off 14 days later. That’s were these little beauts come in. Iv used them before and they are fab!.

Clearly loving blue at the moment. Again I have bought these a few times now and I love them, super comfy and go with absolutely everything!

Then last, but by no means least were my bargain £3.00 mirrored sunnies. This picture does NOT do them justice in the slightest. Like at all.


See what I mean? They actually look brown on this picture but the lense is more of a chrome metal (believe it or not). They are super reflective though so I’m quite aware that most people I speak to will be checking themselves out in them.

So that’s 99% of the stuff I picked up today. The rest are just plain vest tops that I’m sure nobody actually cares to see.

I’m absolutely LOVING primark at the minute. I haven’t been for such a long time so I was pleasantly surprised today!

Until next time XOXO

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Im a mum, a Nurse, and nearly a Wife. I love makeup, Wine, Chocolate, Cooking, Singing really loud, bubble baths and binge watching rubbish on the box

21 thoughts on “Primark Summer Haul

  1. You got yourself some really cool clothes. I love the one that says ‘sorry I am late, I did not want to come’ That’s so me, I need to get that tshirt. Enjoy your Disney holiday.

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