Sick child – Tips & Tricks

Hey sweeties I hope you are all feeling amazing!

I’ve had a poorly child since Friday, off sChool yesterday and whilst getting dressed this morning I noticed lots of lovely little spots on her face. Before you ask no, i dont think its chicken pox, shes already had them. I know you can get them twice but they just dont look the same. Off to the doctors for us this afternoon!

Uniform off – outfit change, on the couch.

Rose has had a bad cold over the past few days so I thought let’s take something good from this tiring situation and make life a little easier for some of you parents out there by sharing some of my sick kid tricks.

  • Buy some vick/Snuffle babe vapour rub. Use as instructed but also pop some onto the soles of the feet with some socks on. It works like aromatherapy. I swear it helps.
  • Rose has obviously not been sleeping very well with a blocked nose which in turn it causing a dry barking cough. For this I pop some olbas oil onto a piece of tissue and put it on the radiator. It helps her breathe much better.
  • As for the cough, I remember the first time I tried this and I was very sceptical. I read somewhere to wet a flannel and again put that on the radiator. It acts as a dehumidifier and by popping some moisture back into the air it stops that dry cough.
  • Make note of what drugs you are giving and when, this will ensure your not accidentally giving too much or not enough.
  • Pre load a syringe of the next drug due before you go to bed. Take that up with you along with a thermometer. It saves that hike downstairs whilst shattered.
  • Antibacterial spray is your best friend. Make it routine in the morning to spray down all them door handles, taps, toilet handles surfaces anywhere that you wouldn’t usually remember to clean. That way little fingers aren’t picking up the same bugs over and over again.
  • Dont worry if your little one isn’t hungry, instead focus on getting fluids into them whether that be with ice cream or milkshakes. They will eat when they are ready.
  • Last of all, let them sleep, dont worry about routine for now, that’s not important. Oh yeah and make sure you nap when they do!
Clearly there is lots of little ones not too well by me, asda is quickly selling out of all the absolute necessary medicine!

I’m sorry if this post is no use to you, however when I was a new Mum all of these things were either told to me by family or I found out by researching and If it helps one mum or dad and child get a full night sleep then I’ll be happy!

Lots of Love


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