A Not So “On Plan” Saturday

Hey lovelies!

Another weekend has passed us by and before i head off to work this afternoon i thought id give you all an update on what iv done this weekend.

I have been in work on Long days (13 and a half hour shifts) since wednesday and Saturday was my only day off as i am back in now for four days. So, after swimming lessons on Saturday morning we went to do our food shop and then popped into the pub for some lunch. I had all good intentions at first, i eyed up the salads and the healthier options on the menu. BUT, Dave twisted my arm and we ended up with the deluxe starter combo and i followed this with steak, although i couldn’t even finish my steak as the starter had filled me right up.

I didn’t touch the bread…..not like it matters.

To accompany our ever so unhealthy starter i ended up getting a double gordons pink gin and lemonade. We then ended up at home and instead of going to the gym i fell asleep on the couch. I really needed a power hour to sort me out after ending up in a food coma.

THEN……Our neighbours came over and i cooked chicken fajitas with slimming world chips and plenty of salad. It was delish! Now, when we have our neighbours over or vice versa one of us cooks and one of us brings dessert. I’m not usually much of a dessert person i do prefer more savoury foods like chips and dip. BUT when they turned up with this i couldn’t resist and my healthy eating went out of the window. AGAIN.

I didn’t have a donut but did opt for this homemade malteser cheesecake and it went down a treat. We then drank copious amounts of alcohol and played games till stupid o clock.


I had a fabulous night, i really did and do you know what i dont feel a bit guilty that i ate and drank so much. What i’m trying to say is its ok to go off plan once in a while, if we dont let ourselves have a little of what we fancy “being healthy” becomes a chore, restricting yourself is NOT fun.

By enjoying what you want periodically a healthier lifestyle becomes easier. I know for a fact restriction just leads to over consumption of food and drink that is NOT good for you and you end up on a downward spiral.

So everyone enjoy having a treat once in a while, its not going to kill you BUT make sure you pick yourself up and carry on the next day otherwise you’ll just feel bad about yourself all over again.

Peace out my little cherubs


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Im a mum, a Nurse, and nearly a Wife. I love makeup, Wine, Chocolate, Cooking, Singing really loud, bubble baths and binge watching rubbish on the box

5 thoughts on “A Not So “On Plan” Saturday

  1. I love this and I agree completely! You have to let some steam out of the pressure valve once in a while. When I die, I’d regret it more if I didn’t than if I did. Get that yummy food in my mouth! 🙂 🙂

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