Unicorns, Hot chocolates and Christmas movies

Hey lovelies I hope you have all had a gorgeous weekend!

I was so busy last week and was hoping to post more but settling back into 50 hour weeks has absolutely killed me off.

I was supposed to be working Saturday but cancelled my shift as I was just too exhausted. Instead we have had a lovely little family weekend.

We went and did a huge food shop in the morning on Saturday and popped into B and M. I bought the CUTEST little unicorn slippers and a Christmas wreath for the house.

After we had finished our shopping we went for lunch at the cutest little tea rooms. They were so dreamy and aesthetically pleasing with roses, frills, lace and layers of annie sloan everywhere. The food was just as incredible and as for the hot chocolate? Well i think i can quite safely say it was the best i have ever tasted. EVER.

After stuffing our faces we headed home for baths slippers and Christmas movies. The old fave muppets Christmas carol graced us with its presence for a few hours then we moved onto the amazing Elf.

On sunday (today) I’d like to say I enjoyed a lie in but as per usual Rose was up at the arse crack of dawn (5 am) today. YAWN, she got sent back to bed until 7. I simply cannot function at that time of the morning, 6 am fair enough but 5 am is still night time to me.

I got up full of beans after a little “snooze” had some breakfast and then got ready for the day ahead. I cracked on with the ironing popped a chicken in the oven and cleaned up.

We then headed off to a swimming birthday party and have just arrived home now and I’m wiped.

Time to run me a hot bath and whip out the baileys I think. We have a manic week ahead and are up at 6 and out for 6.30 tomorrow so definitely in need of an early night!

Hope your weekend was amazing x

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Im a mum, a Nurse, and nearly a Wife. I love makeup, Wine, Chocolate, Cooking, Singing really loud, bubble baths and binge watching rubbish on the box

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