Size 12? PLUS SIZE?

I was reading the newspaper this morning and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that the Gigi and Bella Hadid’s cousin has decided to embrace the families love for modelling as a PLUS SIZE model. I looked at her and thought there is no way she is PLUS size, over my dead body.

Turns out that size 12 + is considered plus size now. OH MY GOD. What is actually wrong with the world. I am a size 12 both top and bottom and I’m bloody proud of it too! I’m curvy (in all the right places) but for no second did I ever think of myself as a plus size woman.

Honestly, I just cannot believe it! It really grinds my goat things like this, yes she’s promoting herself as happy in her own skin but what the media don’t realise is that by branding someone who is a size 12 plus size that your giving them a label and potentially a complex!

Underweight, normal weight, overweight WHATEVER, it doesn’t matter as long as you are comfortable in your own skin. I just hope young girls who come across stories like this don’t feel rubbish about themselves because they have been given a label.


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6 thoughts on “Size 12? PLUS SIZE?

  1. It’s terrible 😦 It seemed like things were getting better for a while, but now the world is going back to the archaic expectations that men need to be strong and tough and women need to be skinny and sexy. Any normal people who don’t fit those categories aren’t wanted, it seems.

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    1. It really does! It’s such a shame that the media is portraying size 12 plus size though. I mean they shouldn’t be saying any size is plus size l, whatever size you are then that’s it your just a size…. Not plus or super skinny. It’s ridiculous x thanks for reading x

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  2. It really is terrible. Sometimes when Im scrolling through a retailers website and come across something labeled “plus size,” all I can do is cringe because the girl in the picture doesn’t look to be anything more than a size 8-10. I think we (as a society) just need to learn to love and celebrate one another no matter our race, gender, sexual orientation or size; the world would certainly be a much better place if we did. Thanks for sharing! 💗

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