The end is in sight! – My Nursing journey

So three years ago after losing my dad to cancer i decided to quit my job in a solicitors firm and embark upon a career i never EVER thought i would.

To say the last three years have been difficult is somewhat of an understatement. This course has drained me mentally, physically and emotionally but do you know what? I wouldn’t change a single second of it.

I have really grown up during the past three years and have been so lucky to have such wonderful placements that have set me up for my future career.

I have learnt how to laugh, how to cry and how to be quiet, how to look after the dying young mother who is surrounded by her babies not much older than my own. How to be non judgmental, how to just sit and listen to tales with the 90 year old woman who has no family coming to visit her.

I have learnt patience, something which in my home life i am NOT. I have held peoples hands as they have taken their last breath and waved people off who have been discharged from hospital after nasty car accidents.

I have cried with the couple who have spent 11 years trying to conceive only to get pregnant and miscarry at 20 weeks. I have really seen it all.

On my first ever day at university three years ago (which feels like yesterday) one of our lecturers told us nursing is a privilege. Families entrust you with peoples lives who they love the most in the whole world and do you know what? she was right.

One final placement to go and then after February 26th 2018 that’s it, i am done, ready to be let loose into job that means so much to me as a registered general adult nurse.

It just goes to show if you want something bad enough you CAN have it, i never thought i was clever enough to even get into uni but here i am.

Chase your dreams! Your future self will thank you for it.


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Im a mum, a Nurse, and nearly a Wife. I love makeup, Wine, Chocolate, Cooking, Singing really loud, bubble baths and binge watching rubbish on the box

18 thoughts on “The end is in sight! – My Nursing journey

  1. That is a beautiful story. It’s so rare people actually put their money where their mouth is. But you did it. Well done! Somewhere your proud dad looks on and smiles.
    So much more value in your job than working in a smelly old solicitor’s. Office work contorts people into wraiths. I’ve seen it.
    I know it must be bloody hard some days, but what you are doing is directly helping people who need help the most. Pretty much all the major religions overlap in their belief that this is the very best way a person can live their life. It’s not as glamorous or well paid as some things, but look at the faces of those people on those trains and tell me whether all that glitters is gold. I think you’ve got it sussed kiddo.

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    1. Thats so lovely, thank you! Do you know what your so so right, that job was stressful and made me ill, yes it was well paid but wow did it takes its toll on me. It turned me from fun loving care free to miserable and far too serious. Now I have bad days yes but I always reflect on why, a patient screamed in my face once that I was a stupid little girl she had dementia, five minutes later I was washing her hair and painting her nails. Sometomes we need to think why people are the way they are and to be honest even though someone may have just broken their leg or something they also may be a carer for their mum, or unable to work ect and these people need to be looked at and cared for holistically, it’s not just the physical disabilities most are suffering mentally too x


      1. Yep – unless you’re one of “them”, the game players, that kind of office work sucks your insides out. Same happened to me. It’s all phony tippy tapping on keyboards, silly language, and meetings about nothing. Brings out the worst in the people above you.
        What you’re doing is gonna have its prickly bits for sure, but it is so much more real and worthy than that world.
        I know some patients(and they’re families) are mean to nurses. Those people are everywhere too unfortunately. I think it pays to be philosophical in such a job. Those people with dementia are hard blooming work. That would drive me nuts. And yes I agree – lots and lots of people are suffering mentally now. They all work in offices! I think you will make a great nurse. I wish you all the best with it Lindsay x

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  2. Well done! You will make an amazing nurse, as you know how I’ll your dad was and the care and compassion he needed. I’ve got Chronic Pancreatitis and have encountered some nurses who wouldn’t administer pain meds? And shouldn’t have went into nursing. xx

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  3. I recently made a similar decision. I am finished up my pre-requisites for Nursing this past semester and I will have to wait until April-May to see if I got in! I’m so happy I found your blog, it was inspiring to read this 🙂

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      1. Ahhhhh fabulous! I assume your in America? Over here in England we have to study and have placement for three years at university. You will smash it girl! Don’t even worry, if it’s meant to be then it will be. It will go so quick you will be qualified in no time x

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