Lets talk – Red wine…

Hello gorgeous people. So I need your opinion.

From the tender age of 18 ( cough 16) I have been a Rose drinker and this past year I have developed somewhat of an unhealthy obsession with red wine. In particular Faustino.

Now ill tell you a little bit about me and my relationship with red wine.

Age 14 – I had a communion, had a sip and nearly died. It tasted like vinegar. Why would anyone want to drink this???

Aged 22 – My sister is a keen red wine person, she’s also a nurse I wonder if there’s a link? Every time I go over she offers me red, I decline and end up sober as I only drink Rose, white at a push.

Aged 24 – My nurse training is about to begin- still not loving the idea of red wine but I have one tiny glass at my sisters on a Friday night.

Aged 26- One year into my training and its hitting me hard, the studies, working, family/life balance. Its a downward spiral. I stop wondering when my sis will buy some rose in for me and take the plunge. I start having the odd glass at hers when I visit.

Aged 27 – Half way through my training and iv began taking red wine over when I visit my sis. Still only one or two glasses but no longer does it taste like vinegar and I’m starting to appreciate the warm flavours and really appreciate the depth and tones (and all that other wine talk crap).

Aged 28 – 2017 – Just about to qualify as a nurse and I’m hooked (Not in the alcoholic sense). I buy bottles for myself and drink them without feeling guilty. When me and my sister go out we can finally share a bottle. Iv even started venturing further into the unknown by reaching out for different brands, and when at parties people tell me I look too young to be drinking red wine….

Now, the question is……is red wine a taste that develops with age? Am I getting old? or is the correlation between red wine and nursing so strong that it was inevitable that this would happen?


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Im a mum, a Nurse, and nearly a Wife. I love makeup, Wine, Chocolate, Cooking, Singing really loud, bubble baths and binge watching rubbish on the box

9 thoughts on “Lets talk – Red wine…

  1. I’m 21 and i hate red wine, agree that it tastes like vinegar!!

    I’ll drink white wine and rose, but for me I just can’t drink red, it might be that red wine develops with taste buds or the more you drink it the more you become prone to it, but ywho knows?!

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  2. Interesting! I thought it was just me. I really didn’t like wine when I was younger, and red wine was the worst. But when I hit my 30s… I don’t know… I just seemed to like wine for some reason. Red took the longest, bit eventually I came round on that too. Now I love a good red wine, especially on a chilly evening spent indoors 🙂

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  3. I’m not a fan myself but have been told it will grow on me… similar to gin… Cant stand that one either hahaha!! I do worry about my teeth though with red wine. How do you find it on your pearly whites? xx

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    1. I’ll let you know in a few years lol. To be honest im a big coffee drinker too and my teeth haven’t changed I don’t think!… Hey if they stain I’ll just get them whitened. Although u worry about the lasting damage that would do too. It’s deciding the lesser of two evils i suppose x x lol

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      1. Yes I’m shocking with coffee and tea to! I suppose its the same thing alright. I don’t get mine whitened but I do find a trip to the hygienist every now and again perks them right up! xx

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