Wedding Fayre – Ashfield House

So let me first start by saying WOW……our venue Ashfield house has just won the best wedding venue in the UK and to be honest I am not surprised in the slightest. It is absolutely stunning.

Tonight me Dave and little Rose went to have a wander around since it has just been refurbished and we spoke to a few vendors about what we would like on our big day. We are getting married in August 2019 but to be fair we need that long to save!

Ashfield house is just that, an old house that has been transformed into a spectacular venue. It does not have a restaurant and it is not a hotel but it does offer exclusive use of the whole house and gardens for the whole day! I thought I would share with you all a little collection of photographs I took tonight of our venue.

Isn’t it beautiful!……

I’m super excited to start wedding planning now I have seen exactly what we have to work with! Best get saving them pennies now!


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