Terrorist Attack in London – When will it stop!

Well i have got to be honest this is something i was not expecting to be posting tonight but i feel i cannot keep my mouth shut.

What kind of sick world do we live in were another person feels they have the right to take anothers life? I do not want my child growing up in such a horrible world, life is hard enough as it is and then things like this happens and destroys peoples lives in an instant. Its absolutely terrifying that this is the world we live in and that we have become desensitised to such awful news, although im shocked its happened im not shocked at the same time because its becoming so common nowadays. You just never think it will be your country next.

This afternoon, a Terrorist has mowed down numerous people on the London bridge, people are dead and catastrophically injured including a police officer who was fatally stabbed whilst protecting the houses of parliament.

I dont understand what crosses peoples minds when they do this? It is NOT ok. I am sick to death of hearing about all these attacks across the world taking peoples lives for the sake of their outrageous extremist “religions”. And im even more sick of people tarring others with the same brush because they have the same colour skin.

Not every muslim person is an extremist for god sake, people need to open up their eyes. A real muslim person would not behave in such a way.

I hope to God that the families of the deceased and injured are being well looked after right now aswell as the Bystanders, Doctors, Nurses and Police officers who have all had to witness such a horrific thing.

When will this sickening behaviour end?

Tonight im burning a candle for London, Will you do the same?



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7 thoughts on “Terrorist Attack in London – When will it stop!

  1. =( This is horrible to hear, these attacks truly are getting out of control or I should say they have been getting out of control, it is now past that. I wish these acts of violence would come to an end but unfortunately it seems as though the world continues to become more dangerous each day.

    I will join in lighting a candle for the innocent victims and their families, my heart goes out to them.

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    1. Isn’t it horrific and it will only get worse it will never stop, I read today about a seven year old boy being strapped with explosives and called a suicide bomber. How is this allowed!!!!!!!!! It’s a disgrace x


      1. Oh my gosh…that is horrible. I hate when kids get involved in these things, adults are bad enough but…children? The news these days is super depressing but as you said its sad that we see these things and although we are shocked, we really aren’t as we are kinda becoming accustom to these senseless acts of crime then it sadly becomes, “another act of violence?”

        Sad world these days


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