What I wish I knew before I became a parent…

You will NEVER sleep again

Some of you may be lucky you might of had a sleeper since they settled into their little routines at 5 months but I shit you not, whether you’ve got a sleeper or a baby that stays up all night like some kind of nocturnal vampire you will never sleep like you used to. You will rarely get a full night’s sleep just because you want to watch their little chests rise to make sure there still breathing or just because your body is that much of a hormonal mess your body has no clue what’s going on. 

Breast is not always best! 

I’m not in anyway doubting how excellent breastfeeding is for your baby and I gave it a go after people were telling me how good it was good for the baby. Yes thanks Doris, I know it’s full of health benefits but my child is 9lb and wants feeding every thirty minutes. She might be thriving but I’m ready to jump off a cliff with exhaustion. Share the load with the hubby! Bottle feeding meant we could take turns in feeds which left me with a more lifted mood! 


I was warned about the baby blues but I didn’t actually think that things like the pampers advert on the TV would set me off into uncontrollable sobbing into my child’s bibs whilst declaring how in love with her I was. And then five minutes later I’d be raging because my hormones were all over the place. 

You feel everything they feel. 

When they fall over and hurt their knee, you hurt too. When they are sick you feel sick for them and would take it off them in an instant. When they hurt you hurt harder until it feels like you cannot breathe. Rose broke her leg last year, very very badly and I remember looking at her in a full leg cast and a wheelchair still laughing and joking but I sat their and cried because I couldn’t fix her and I would have taken her place in a heartbeat. 

Snot rag

Whether your wearing cashmere, primark or your Jarmies it does not matter, if they have a nose that needs blowing or dirt on their face your clothes become their snog rag. 

You will plan drinking time on recovery time. 

So it takes approximately five hours usually for me to get back to normal ish with a hangover so if I start drinking at 9 finish at 2, drink water till 3 by 8 am I should be OK right?…. WRONG! Kids know when your hungover and they will tease you until you crack and head back to the kitchen for a hair of the dog. 

Washing basket

YES! IV REACHED THE BOTTOM!!!! You sit grinning, super happy that you have tackled that mountain of washing. Only for your baby to release bodily fluids all over said clean clothes leading to a washing machine that’s never off and permanent family sized lenor in your cupboard. 

You will love like never before 

It’s true, you will never know love until you look into your child’s eyes, until you see them smile. That feeling you get inside cannot be explained. You just have to feel it. 

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Im a mum, a Nurse, and nearly a Wife. I love makeup, Wine, Chocolate, Cooking, Singing really loud, bubble baths and binge watching rubbish on the box

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