Calling all bloggers! Lets share the love and work together!

Hey girls and boys! Iv been having a little think today about ways we can all work with each other to grow our blogs, engage with wider audiences and learn new things it may even help with any of you fellow bloggers suffering from writers block.

I had a little idea about doing a Joint blog post with other members maybe once a week or once fortnightly.

The plan goes – We pick a random topic each, something that may not specifically be related to our blog or something that we know alot about but something that will really engage our brains that we may never of looked up before. We research it, write about it and each blogger does a guest feature of the other on their blog with their post.

Does anyone think this would be a good idea? If you would like to take part in a “Feature Friday” let me know as i think it would be fun!!

If anyone has any other ideas please do let me know!


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Im a mum, a Nurse, and nearly a Wife. I love makeup, Wine, Chocolate, Cooking, Singing really loud, bubble baths and binge watching rubbish on the box

24 thoughts on “Calling all bloggers! Lets share the love and work together!

  1. This sounds like fun 🙂 But I’m afraid I don’t quite follow how it works 😛 Do you mean you’d pick a topic on one week, then we’d both write our opinion on it to post on Friday?

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      1. Fabulous!!!!! This should be fun!!!! So let’s find our topic this week can be anything from global warming to your favourite chocolate and then on Friday we can exchange posts and tag each other in them! X

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      1. Ohhhhh sorry, I’m pretty dumb 😛 I didn’t realise this would mean allowing others to post on my blog themselves. I understand how it works now 😛

        Thanks for the info but I’ll withdraw my participation in this. Its nothing personal though – promise! It’s still a great idea… just not something I’d like to do. I look forward to reading the posts in the future 🙂

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    1. Fabulous! So I will invite you to be an author on my page and if u could do the same that would be great you just go to administration and users and then invite me to be an author the only thing we can do is create a new post but we can’t mess around with each others sites so don’t worry x exciting x

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