Spring things…

13174156_844525258985675_4576373782217822940_nDo you love it as much as I do?  I just cannot wait for winter to be over to have longer sunnier days, an abundance of daffodils everywhere in the house and to wake up in the morning with the beautiful sun shining on my face. And being off uni for a few weeks means I get to do more things like this ^^^^^ and take gorge pics of my little beauty.

Taking little trips to the garden centre

This is always a MUST for me in the spring, me and Rose loveeeee picking up new plants and attempting to do some gardening. To be honest I don’t like gardening but I love the feeling you get afterwards when you are sat in the conservatory looking out at your hard earned graft.


Taking walks instead of taking the car!

We don’t live too far from our local supermarket but far enough that we couldn’t walk with our weekly shop so in the spring I love to do one huge shop a week and make our trips IF needed by foot, there’s nothing better than the fresh outdoors which brings me onto..

Days out

Now don’t get me wrong we do enjoy days out throughout the year to various places, probably too much to be honest as we always spend a fortune however, I love spring for the sheer fact we can pack up a little picnic and go to our local park where Rose can run wild and me and Dave can just chill, the best thing is its FREE and we need to tighten the purse strings with a wedding to save for. I love to take the ball aswell so we can have a little kick around. My baby may be a princess but she cant half kick a ball.


That smell

You know the one I mean, where flowers are beginning to blossom and that smell of the sun and the fresh air, oh yeah and dirt from planting them bulbs!.




So I miss this every single year but this year I have put it on my TO DO list to go fruit picking with the little one. I always say every year i’m going to go and need do so this year we are buying a little basket and going to go crazy in the fruit fields and then spend the rest of the day making jams.



Going hand in hand with spring is Easter, easter brings chocolate, chocolate makes me smile. End of.


That’s right one of the BEST things about spring is that I can pack up the winter wardrobe and get my pins out for the world to see, and me and my niece (she is four years younger than me) get our matching tattoos out on any occasion were alcohol has been involved or there is a camera.

That’s it for now guys what are your favourite spring things?

X0X0 p.s thanks for reading!!

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Im a mum, a Nurse, and nearly a Wife. I love makeup, Wine, Chocolate, Cooking, Singing really loud, bubble baths and binge watching rubbish on the box

6 thoughts on “Spring things…

  1. Argh! This makes me yearn for sunshine. Over here, we’re firmly entrenched in the long march to warm weather 😛 I want the cold to be ooooooover! Great post though – this does remind me of how awesome spring is, although summer will always be my favourite 🙂 Cool tattoos btw!


      1. Yep I’m in London 🙂 This winter actually isn’t too bad compared to some of the previous ones, but I still long for hot sunshine 🙂


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