Well after going to our favourite Indian restaurant last night and me devouring my fave madras I decided to get up and get myself to the gym super early this morning.

As always upon arrival I head straight to the hydration station to fill up my water bottle and take my pre workout. I Love water!

Once I’m filled up and ready to go I head to the treadmills to do ten minutes of interval sprinting and jogging one minute of sprints 30 seconds jogging…. Until the ten minutes are up.

Once I’m warmed up I take myself to the squat rack where I do three sets of ten squats with around 20kg on the bar….im slowly increasing this as I’m trying to really work on my glutes this year so I have a banging bootayyyyy.

Once iv done my three sets on here I’ll usually add another 2.5kg either side and do another three sets of ten reps.

This is followed by the assisted pull up machine. I absolutely LOVE this and it’s probably my most favourite piece of equipment to use in the gym. Granted it looks a bit intimidating to new gym goers but it’s super simple to use.  For example if you weigh 60kg and you want to start by lifting half of your body weight you will set it to 30kg…when you feel your strength is increasing move the bar up so set it to 20 instead this would mean your lifting 40kg of your own weight and 20 of the weight is assisted. I do three sets of ten for this.

I also use this for glute push downs,  instead of resting my knees on the pad I alternate one leg at a time and increase the weight to around 50kg an push down until my leg is extended.  This is my favourite use for this machine as it really helps tone that butt. I repeat this three times with reps of 10-15 depending whether or not I’m having a leg day. It’s a killer.

Then it’s over to the adductor starting with three sets on 30kg with around ten reps then I do three at 50kg with another ten reps. I love this machine as well as it really does improve your inner thighs I have lost a few inches off mine over the past month and I swear it’s because I’m using this machine more regularly along with the abductor.

I can generally use heavier weight on this and tend to start at 3 sets of 10 on 50kg increasing to 70kg with another 3 sets.  But if you are trying these for the first time start slow…. It takes a while to build up strength and you don’t want to injure yourself on your first visit!

Last but not least for me is over to the kettle bells and medicine balls.  I like to work on my stomach three times a week so generally I will do a good few sets of side bends with 12kg kettle bells and then a few sets of Russian twists with a medicine ball.  These really work on your a do and strengthen your core muscles.

To finish I do three one minute planks…. After all we all love to hate a plank, these are my nemesis but since starting them I have really noticed a difference to my mum tum.

These exercises are really my lazy day gym routine and I’m usually in and hour within 40 minutes. I like to train five days a week when I can but if I’m pushed for time (and energy) this workout is my favourite to follow.

At the end of my session this morning I finished it off with a gorgeous broccoli and the beast protein smoothie from the gym and had five minutes to myself before rushing back home to be mum.
anyway I hope you enjoyed this post have a nice day x x x

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Im a mum, a Nurse, and nearly a Wife. I love makeup, Wine, Chocolate, Cooking, Singing really loud, bubble baths and binge watching rubbish on the box


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