We are all guilty of letting the pile of clothes in the washing basket mound up once in a while.  The dust that settles in the same places day after day which resembles somewhat of a blank canvas a little place were little fingers can draw their pictures or grown ups can leave little messages like “clean me”.

I for one have an incredibly busy life, work, placements,  uni,  family, friends a hubby to be who is mostly away working and a five year old girl who leaves a trail of destruction wherever she goes.

I for one pride myself in always trying to keep my home clean tidy and presentable its not a difficult task but one that does require a little time and investment.  Here are my top tips for keeping the house on top form.

  1. LITTLE AND OFTEN – That’s right you don’t have to go all out on a spring clean mode every week with your marigolds on, doing little bits everyday really does help keep all that super hard work at bay. Each day I throw the hoover around and wipe down the kitchen surfaces along with getting out the good old duster to keep the cobbies at bay.
  2. USE FABRIC CONDITIONER INSTEAD OF POLISH – I know what your thinking 💭…. This should be used in your washing machine only…. wrongoooo! I literally put the tiniest bit on a microfiber cloth and wipe that dust away the best thing is the dust doesn’t settle immediately after you remove the cloth and it leaves your home smelling just gorgeous. This has really helped me because my units are mainly dark in the lounge and bedroom the dust settles at a rapid rate so I find this method is the best if you don’t want to Polish every single day.
  3. SCRUB THEM DISHES – straight away if you don’t have the privilege of owning a dishwasher and you ARE the dishwasher then wash as you go.  I don’t think there’s anything that grinds my goat more than a mound of dishes in the sink.  A few seconds of washing your breakfast bowl – V- washing a few days worth means less time with your marigolds in the bowl and more time to do things that you enjoy doing.
  4. MAKE YOUR BED – as soon as you manage to drag yourself out of it. Neat bed equals excitement when you imagine crawling back into it at the end of the day and not having to shake the covers until all the corners are back in their rightful homes.
  5. LAUNDRY – NOBODY LIKES THIS.. well nobody I know anyway. I make it a habit to throw on the machine daily it takes two minutes and the machine does the work… Then either throw it in the tumble dryer or air it like I do…..job done.
  6. IRON WEEKLY not daily – granted I usually have a mountain at the end of the week but it usually takes me an hour I throw on some music and get to it then my weeks clothes and uniforms for the littleun are hung and ready to go for the week ahead.
  7. FLUFF AWAY- Plump, ruffle and shake them scatter cushions on the couch and neaten up your throws.
  8. BLEACH – the toilets and sinks…. Give your bathroom a good clean when you have time I do a deep clean weekly… and font forget to wipe down the worktops in the kitchen to get rid of any nasty lurking bugs.
  9. GIVE YOUR NICK NAKS A HOME – we’ve all got scented candles and vases floating around the house make sure they have there place and are not left sharing space with your clutter, empty dishes, toys, books and general bits and bobs. GIVE THEM A HOME.
  10. RECYCLE – get yourself a separate bin if you don’t already have one and make it a habit to use it…. Daily.

These tips are really doable for people who are super busy and even if you can’t find time to do them all then use small steps,  you’ll get quicker and quicker with a duster and soon your house will be a shown home before you’ve even left for work in the morning meaning your evenings can be spent chilling out with a large glass of vino whilst snuggling up on your neat couch and glancing around at your shiny surfaces.  


As ever thanks for reading xoxo

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Im a mum, a Nurse, and nearly a Wife. I love makeup, Wine, Chocolate, Cooking, Singing really loud, bubble baths and binge watching rubbish on the box

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